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Stomach aches.. & then become panicy?..

I've noticed, for the past couple of years now.. sometimes I get a really bad tummy ache, probably once a month, maybe even once every 2 months. And I mean BAD tummy aches. I have to run to the toilet, sit there and lean over, praying to God kinda thing. I even cry sometimes because I just can't take it. I'm cold & hot at the same time, sweating, feeling light-headed & just not right. I usually sit there for about..10-20 minutes, praying. I usually do.. #2. It's not like I'm.. well, straining or anything, 'cause I'm not. =\

I just don't know why this happens. Whenever it does, it ALWAYS starts with a tummyache. It's kinda scary. =\

For the past 2-3 months now, I've been having.. what I believe are panic attacks. They come for no reasons, or sometimes just 'cause I'm nervous. I get really light-headed too, as if I may pass out.. does that again with panic attacks/anxiety?? =\

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