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Re: Need help understanding my MRI

I am certainly not an expert but I do have a liver tumor and it took a while to diagnose and get to the bottom of things. So I had plenty of time to research and read. I will share with you what I know.

My tumor is focal nodular hyperplasia (fnh). For awhile the doctors thought I had an adenoma so I did plenty of reading on both. These two tumors are fairly similar.

Adenoma typically has a well defined capsule while fnh almost never does.

Adenoma alomost never has a central scar while fnh usually does. However, if your fnh lesion is tiny then it may not have a central scar -- can make diagnosis of your fnh more difficult.

An fnh lesion can appear hyperintense during certain times of your mri imaging study - I don't know a lot about interpreting this part of the imaging study. It is difficult to understand but there is lots of information about this on the internet. You can read about how fnh and adenoma are supposed to appear on an mri and compare it to exactly what your mri written report states.

Did your mri report state a final conclusion about your liver tumor? I have never seen an imaging study written report that didn't sum things up at the end for you.

What segement is your liver tumor in? Have you thought about requesting a biopsy?

I hope this helps a little but I do suggest that you search and read for yourself about fnh and adenomas on the internet. There is a lot of good commentary which can help you sort out and understand your mri report better.

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