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Exclamation Re: eczema vs. psoriasis

Originally Posted by goob123
hi there. so i was wondering how can you tell the difference between eczema and psoriasis... in high school a dermatologist told me i had eczema. i got it on my hands then eventually on my arms back and a few other places. i have some cream that makes it go away but it usually finds a place to come back to. recently ive been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis and my rheumatologist believes that i have psoriasis actually.

on my arm the rash was red and kind of bumpy (small bumps) and itchy. now i have a rash behind my ear which gets red and kind of flakey. i also have itchy toes which now are more scaley actually. is it possible i could have both eczema and psoriasis? thanks for the help!
Hi Goob123- I have a friend that has eczema and they have patchy slightly red spots mainly in the folds of their hands and fingers. Their doc gave them "cetaphil" lotion to help along with another type of cream to soothe the itching.

I have been seeing a rheumatologist due to red inflammed areas in my ankle joints which is a symptom of psoriatic arthritis. But my rhemy believes I have what is known as rheumatoid arthritis. I have not yet been truely "diagnosed" yet but there are so many other factors that could lead to something else. So he wants to be sure. I have had scalp problems for about 9 or 10 years now. Sometimes it goes away and then sometimes it comes back. It itches a lot and sometimes I scratch it so much it tends to bleed. (Sorry for being so graphic) but I am trying to find out what it is that I have. I have been reading up about psoriasis recently and I am beginning to believe this is more like what I have then Rhematoid Arthritis. I think it is all linked up...the flaky scalp, the red patchey area around my elbow and the inflammed joints in my feet. My rheumatologist has me on sulfazalazine which can also be used to treat psoriasis arthritis aswell as many other arthritisis. Since the meds, I have not had any more inflammation and joint pain but the scalp issue is back. I am considering seeing a dermatologist about it.

But I think your case sounds more like psoriasis to me (red, scaley behind the ears, the rashy area on your arms....etc) those are all symptoms of psoriasis. Have you have any joint pain or swelling?? That would syptomize the arthritis part. Have you seen a dermatologist yet? Hope all is well and you are feeling better!