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Re: Should I seek a diagnosis?

Thanks, I hate to drink beef broth, esp. because I'm vegetarian for religious reasons, not health or environmental, so it's really hard to break away from even a little -- it makes me feel guilty. But I will try it if nothing else; I did get some B vitamins a couple days ago so I will start taking them.

Today I went for a bike ride, which was perhaps not a very good idea; it was very brief, not more than twenty minutes, but when I got off and tried to stand I almost fell over and I could barely lift a glass of water to my mouth -- almost dropped it. Argh.

Ahada, did you get a tilt-table test? My mother was tested this way, but they couldn't get her to pass out. I've been orthostatically intolerant since I was eight, it's gotten a lot worse over the years. Good hydration and plenty of sodium seems to help. We think it's neurocardiogenic syncope. Isn't this kind of syncope actually related to cfs?