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Re: My Father is scheduled for Triple Bypass Surgery on 9/21/05

Hi there,

My mother had a double bypass and a valve replacement last summer at the age of 73.

She has other health problems (lots of them severe) but her chest/heart healed nicely.

I believe they would ask your father to stop the blood thinner a day before surgery - but I'm not a doctor so I might be wrong. Be sure to follow up on that. They will give him a list of instructions before he checks in.

Recovery is months long. He won't be able to lift, push, drive, etc. for a couple of months. We got my mom a walker with a little basket on the front so she could move around her place & carry things. I rented a "bath bench" from a local Senior Center for her too.

Your family will be given a list of EVERYTHING to expect. And the physical therapy department will work with him (and you - ask lots of questions!)

Yes, a full & wonderful life after heart surgery is not only possible but probable. My dad had a quad bypass at age 60 & he is super active now at age 74. And my mom is very healthy, cardiac-wise (her other health problems are what keeps her down).

I'm sending good thoughts your way - I know how hard it was to watch my parents go through it. I wish your father a super speedy recovery!!