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My story: I am a successful mangager at a financial company. A coworker of mine has had vicodin prescription plus 10 other prescriptions for various meds for years. She started giving me a few for fun a couple of years ago. That led to me "buying" her entire batch of 60 each month. Then, I found the online stores who look the other way. I'm up to 210 pills a month and still just barely make without running out month to month. I just got cut off from one online store that provides me my NORCO 10/350 today. I feel this is a sign to do something. I'll have 90 less pills this month. But my coworker is just so easy to do business with. I'm a textbook addictive personality and just don't know how I'm going to be able to walk in the office and say no although I want to stop. It is not her fault, it is mine. Does anyone have any advice as to how I can set the groundrules.......also, if I go from 8 pills to 7 down to 6 etc, is there a formula to how I can taper down? What is the best way to go from 8 or 9 pills a day down to one and then stop? Is this a good approach? Will the withdrawels be any less painful or at least shorter if I taper down? I'm tempted to tell my Dr. to get help. But I don't want this going down in my permanent medical record either. I'm just sure that this will cause my health insurance to go up and/or if I ever have to get insurance in the future, have a prexisting condition marked in my records that will prevent me from being insured. Is this true? Any help would be appreciated. This is my first post.

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