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Chiropractor didn't help... :-( cost a ridiculous price too.

Well, first off, I have a bad neck problem that makes sleeping a living hell. (sometimes I lay down at 9-10 pm and can't fall asleep till 5 in the morning due to the eyes closed most of the time.) There are three discs that literally stick out the back of my neck at the very bottom were it starts to form my back.
Anyways, The doctor said I had beginning stages of disc degeneration back there, so it was still curable. ( He also said T2 (or was it C2) had the worst of it. )

Well, I went for 4 weeks (three times a week, 12 days), and it improved some, but I still feel the pain when I try to sleep or just from time to time really. Anyways, he asked me to continue coming for 4 more weeks, but I don't have the money.

Are there any other ways to treat this problem? My money is holding me away from chiropractic, even though I have a legitimate problem.
I believe the neck problems came about from neck popping. I used to do it nearly everyday for 6 years and it just got tighter and tighter. Every since those four weeks, I don't have the same desire to pop my neck anymore, but still feel the aching pain. I feel I'm going insane due to a lack of sleep.

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