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This is TJOB3 fiance and he just made his first post today, I was in your situation about 2 years ago, and I did try to titrate down but it takes a lot of self control, I was lucky enough to give my pills to a friend that I went and stayed with, who was not an addict and told her DO NOT GIVE THEM TO ME NO MATTER WHAT, after a day, I went and found NA, it worked for me,it is not for all,everyone is so different, I do understand your insurance concern,as I am in the medical field and they do choose to frown upon people like us, but we are out there, addiction has no rules, you should see if you have some type of mental health benefits and they cover substace abuse options and they are kept very private, you have to do whats best for you, as of last pm we made a descion to give up this horrible addiction and what i can tell you is you will have the best feeling of freedom, and I promise it is worth,just dont USE, NO MATTER WHAT, when you get this kicked,good luck one day at a time, or at this stage in the game its more like 5 min at a time,feel free to write and post on our message, we need all the support we can get