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Help me with this feeling?

I was kinda feeling low a few minutes ago, then I started doing my check book and paying some bills and all of a sudden I felt freaked out like what is wrong with me. Just a huge worry set in that made me thing hurry and call my doctor. Is that anxiety? I didn't start breathing hard, but heart rate got up. I feel scared and sad when it happens. I went outside and started cleaning up the patio and did some mowing and started feeling relief. Is this a depression or anxiety attacks. It kinda builds, and then it makes me feel awful. I almost want to cry. I have cried a few times. It felt like I can't deal with this. Overwhelmed. It is always intense. It isn't constant. It kinda builds up. I blamed these events on the zoloft I was on for 11 days, maybe I was already at this stage. Please help. I haven't been sleeping since the zoloft. My doctor gave me ambien, but I am afraid it might make depression worse if that is what this is. I don't feel anxious, but when this happens it is a big build up, like a wave coming on. I just don't know. It makes me get scared and down at the same time. I just don't know about it being intense and then subsiding. Or is depression worse at certain times. If it is anxiety what do I do. It just built up quick when I was worrying with the bills and the checkbook. I don't know if I can take anti-depressants or not. When I tried the lexapro for 2 days and the Zoloft for 11 days I had suicidal thoughts I think. It was thoughts of death and then this intense feeling of scared and down about why would i feel like this. Its intense though like medicine caused it. My doctor says lexapro for 2 days and then not taking it for 2 days then having one of these events did not cause it. My head starts hurting and my jaws and checks feel pressure when it comes on. But I feel better now. I am bumed that it happened, but I feel better than about an Hour ago. Doing my bills and worrying about the checkbook and then I did it. My Dad says it is anxiety attack. I just get scared and feel like I need my doctor or someone who can tell me what that just was. I don't necessarily feel like i am going to die but i feel like i am not in control of what is happenng to me. Then I go from room to room, or feel like calling the doctor or my wife. If that is panic attack, then what do I do. I am seeing a Pshcologists and pscy group. I started it Thursday. I see them again on Monday. I have a wonderful wife, and daughter. My family is all here supporting me, I can't understand these episodes. I thought depression would be all day everyday. I am fine except for the worrying about myself most of the time. It happens in waves. Please shed some light. Should I be scared of the Ambien? Thanks guys in advance. Oh yea, I get shook up when this happens and the worrying is worse.

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