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Re: Help me with this feeling?

Originally Posted by lindsalou
Sorry your feelind bad, but it sounds like anxiety. I often find that im doing something (like paying bills etc) and i feel fine, then all of a sudden bang, anxiety kicks in, i think its subconconcious. i too start trying to do somethin to take my mind off it but its hard. Your not alone with these feelings, i have a wonderful family but its hard sometimes cause you feel so alone- but remember here your not alone. Its good your receiving help, im still waiting to be seen by a therapist, and im hoping it will help.
Anxiety has many symptoms, not every one thinks their dying from it (im one of the unfortunate ones that does). If it helps to seek reassurance from your doctor then get it, anxiety is NOT life threatning, and there are many ways of treating it, its just a case of finding what suits you best, dont suffer alone. Post back anytime.
Good luck to you.
Is that the feelings that are coming over me? I just wonder if it is a depresion. I don't understand the getting low. Then I feel like a need help immediately, It really shakes me up. If it is some kind of depression how will I know. I mean tomorrow I know that the ball games will be on all day. I will be fine knowing my wife is here and probably some family. It looks like if I was depressed I would feel like that all the time. See Monday and Tuesday I felt great. Never had a symptom but the worry. Then Wed. I kind I felt that feeling hanging around. Then Thursday was pretty good. Then today was pretty good until I started with the worry then the despair feeling and the intensity kicked in when I was messing with the bills and trying to get some lunch. It is so intense, I guess it mkaes me feel like I am losing it. I don't feel like I will die but I feel like help please, I am losing it. Now I just feel kind of melow and kind of worried. I don't really feel low. This may be anxiety. Would it make you feel emotional and want to cry from the overwhelming. I just wonder what is wrong. The doctor says we will try and see if the zoloft and lexapro made these events happen. I haven't had the intensity so far as I did on the medicine. One night I did it real bad at a ballgame. I had a race of bad thoughts then it just built until I was thinking oh God I am crazy and I need help immediately. I don't think it is suicidal, it is just intense. I have never felt this So I don't know. Maybe I made it seem worse on the zoloft. Three days in a row on the zoloft made me feel real good. Then I went up to 5omg. and I felt like I was on a roller coaster. I had weird thoughts on it. I don't know. I guess I have made myself afraid to try the ssri's. How do doctors know what avenue to take. If it is a brain chemical imbalance how do I fix it. I just hate it for my family more than myself. They are really worried. But sometimes I feel like myself. I guess that is why the Doc, seems to think it is anxiety coming on. Thanks for listening.