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Re: Help me with this feeling?

Its all a part of the anxiety. I have these racing bad thoughts constantly and there for awhile I was convinced that I was going crazy! I went to my psychiatrist and he gave me Zoloft, I was started on 25mg then to 50, and now since Monday I am on 100mgs. Just give it some time to work for you.. and if you still don't see an improvement go back to your doc and explain how you are feeling. I have just been diagnosed with GAD(generalized anxiety disorder) an have not been sleeping well, muscle tension and worry about everything( my jaws feel real uncomfortable too.)

Because I wasn't sleeping at all, my doc gave me Sonata and I was terribly afraid to even take it bec I didn't know what it would do to me. I finally decided that I could not be awake for 2 nights straight and took it. I woke up feeling better.

I have days that I am me, and I can feel it. Just when I think things are looking up and I might be rid of some of this anxiety, it hits hard again and I am left constantly worrying what might be wrong with me next.

Hang in there
Take Care