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Re: Help me with this feeling?

I have been checkin on you even though i aint replied to you.
I just wanna say that maybe things would be easier for you if you just stopped thinking so much. It sounds silly but perhaps you are over analysing everything, (im guilty of that too). If you read my earlier posts you will see i was as anxious as confused as you, but have found solace in not thinking.
Ok the family have a bit of pressure as it takes me a couple of hours to get dressed and i done no washing for the week.
Put some mind-numbing telly on crank the radio up and dance round the house like a nutter. Another thing i sone recently was ******** all my fav music from back in the day, of course if you cant do anything then come on here and find some posts to reply to.(these are the things i have done in the last few days and it has helped, for how long i dont know, but for now,
Hello anxiety board,

Good luck