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Re: Cigarette smoking catch 22 & Wellbutrin

i wish i had some. i am in the same boat. have quit 3 times. twice cold turkey with no problems went almost a year both times. death stressed me out so badly that i picked them up again. the last time i made it only 3 months and hated every minute of it. couldn't concentrate,had multiple problems at work(i work with 20 smokers and live with 2) that didn't help. i even took a smoke enders seminar for 6 weeks inthe local hospital and still couldn't do it. i wish i never started. every morning i think maybe today and then the pressure builds. i know i will do it again some day but don't know when. i almost feel like i have to be out of work and away from all stress for months to do this. that is impossible. i think some of us look for the easy way and there is none. i want to just gget up one morning as a non-smoker without any of the horrible effects of quitting. selfish HUH? my first 2 quits i felt like a million bucks within days. the last one i felt horrible everyday for 3 months. gotta get a plan that works for me. don't know what it is yet.