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Time for a new thread I think ... LOL

OK ... From my panic of ringing the nursing home at 12.45 and finding MIL STILL not there, I rang ACAT and blubbered and stressed all over the phone. ACAT rang me back (We'll call her C) and said "don't panic!"

Easier said than done of course .. but OK .. I'll listen.

She told me she had rung Day Care the other day and told them her plans. They informed her that MIL won't be able to stay at Day Care much longer, because she's showing some challenging behaviour and wandering off.


So, because of this behaviour, C thought it best to leave MIL at Day Care until JUST before the bus leaves to take them home, so she would pop in and give MIL a lift ...

So ... C apologised for not informing me of the updates, and came around to the house and got the medical forms and the $ so I don't have to go out there again.

PHEW! Now FIL is stalking me on the mobile, I daresay he wants to know what's happening, but C is going to ring me after she's left MIL and tell me how it went

I feel so weepy and teary ... because ACAT are going to do their damndest to KEEP MIL .. that she SHOULDN'T come home AT ALL. They have confirmation from uninterested parties, that MIL is a danger to herself even when she's WITH people ... the 3 wanderings last week double confirm it ...

So .. an update soon I hope ..... and fingers crossed that the Nursing home don't refuse her (they do have the right) and that BIL doesn't go and get her to 'save' her (I don't think he will, but it wouldn't surprise me), because C said if he does that, then MIL will have to live with him because Sally is burnt out and exhausted. She's concerned about MY mental health LOL ...

So .. news soon .. fingers crossed

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