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Re: Respite

OK >> !!!!!!!!!!! Update:

MIL is IN THE NURSING HOME ... (cheering, waving, balloons and streamers)

C took her, and explained why this was happening. MIL wasn't sure about exactly WHAT was happening, but C is quite sure she understood (ok .. maybe my pessimism(sp?) is too strong at the moment) and when C was about to leave, MIL picked up her purse. The Nurse said "Your staying here for your holiday love" and steered her in another direction.

The theory is: A bed will come up in the next two weeks. We don't even care what kind of bed it is (high care or low care), preferably in the dementia specific wing (where I play .. which means I probably couldn't? I don't know). If a bed comes up and the nursing home believe MIL should stay for her own safety, then ACAT will back them up on that. It will be interesting to see what's going to eventuate.

So .... today I:

Stripped the wet bed and remade it. Tomorrow I'll strip it again and put it out in the SUN !!!!
Mopped the kitchen floor with disinfectant
Found some of MIL's 'soiled' clothes, and caught up with HER washing. I also washed some blankets, and the bathroom mats (cause they stunk bad) ...

Downstairs smells reasonable at the moment .. !! It's had a good airing, wipe down and clean out ...

Oh .. and I found bacon in a cupboard, well and truly stashed with maggots having a wonderful time (I KNEW I could smell off food somewhere) ... AND I found 2 1/2 bottles of white wine in a kitchen drawer. I sent her chocolate with her, and I'll drop in some treats for her before we go, she likes her nibblies.

I AM exhausted and it's only 5.38pm!! It's been a LONG day. FIL isn't sounding too happy with MIL in the nursing home, as I said before, he's suspicious and wary of what's going to happen. Of course, I think this responds to him maybe having to sell the house to get MIL into proper care .. which is sad that her safety comes down to his ownership of a house .. but that's his problem.

ACAT are very proud of me. They say I am 'blossoming' in my independence and I am gaining strength each day. I said BIL still scares the willy's out of me when he's on a tirade, and a tirade will happen if MIL is kept in the nursing home, but I do believe if he started on me I could tell him where to go and walk away.

I would probably be shaking, and highly likely crying .. but I could walk away. 6 months ago I stood in front of him and took it all .. not anymore -

So ... except for the odd phone calls to check how she's going .. I have two weeks off. ACAT asked if I was going to pop in before we go away next week, and I said NO, I don't think it's a good idea, because she might expect to come home with us and that could cause a problem. She said "Good thinking girl!!!" .... LOL .. FIL expects us to visit daily .. that's not a happening event.

So .. that's all for the moment !!!!! PHEW!!!!