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Re: Looking for quick results...

Thanks for the reply.

A little more complex than what I was hoping for, but no good things come easy.

Then again once I get in the habit of it, it might not be so complex....

Question though... is the soda truly 'that' bad, again if it's diet and kept to no more than 2 or 3 cans a day? It would be very hard for me to lose the soda fully, it's hard enough for me to switch to the diet!

I'll lose the cereal, too bad I just bought like six or seven different types though

Will take your advice into account, just need to convince myself that I 'want it' enough to go through with all that.

quick edit:

My mom passed away a few years ago, but she had a bunch of Taebo videos... not sure if my dad kept them around, but assuming he did might look into it.

I always thought taebo was sorta well 'girly' though, not that it matters in the long run... would hate to have my roommate harass me for doing it though, if it was.

Actually on second thought.. who cares what my roommate thinks.. if it works, that's all that matters

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