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Re: Looking for quick results...

Soda is liquid candy. Literally sugar water and chemicals. It really is up there with some of the worst garbage you can put in your body. I know people who have lost 20 pounds with the only change being removing soda from the diet. It's hard to get used to at first, but truly, once you get un-used to soda, you won't even want it anymore. Too sweet.
And don't not eat the cereal if you've already bought it. Just have maybe one serving in the morning in conjunction with some kind of protein like eggs (egg whites/omelette) or lean meat or yogurt or something. It's not totally awful, but it's not the greatest staple.
Tae Bo is actually martial-artsy in form and probably one of the least girly of the aerobics videos. Decent stuff. Kinda fun too. Adding in pushups, pullups, dips and stuff will get in the 'resistance training' part in without the need for equipment.
Good luck man. If you need any support or a kick in the butt, we're here for you.
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