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Re: Looking for quick results...

Originally Posted by SomeRandomDude
I'm not 'fat' by any means, though I do have a little more in the middle than what I would like!

I've always had trouble sticking with diets and the like, though am currently eating two bowls of post healthy classics cereal a day with a piece of fruit (they claim doing so, will allow one to lose ten pounds in 12 weeks) and trying not to go overboard with my 3rd meal of the day. I've also cut down my soda addiction, to a few cans a day.... and even then only diet, the rest of the time bottled water.

My question is as follows... I'm not a huge fan of walking or running and don't currently have a bike (though I do plan on getting one soon) I'm also not currently in a position, where I can afford long term membership to the local fitness center or YMCA.

What else would you all suggest, to get the 30 minutes of activity a day in?

Preferably something 'fun' that's easy to keep up with.... much like dieting, the keeping up part is what I historically have had problems with. As the title suggests quick results would be a definite plus, though is not mandatory


Forgot to mention that my long term goal, is to get a nice set of abs... not a six pack, though it would be nice... don't think I've got the willpower for that, just something that's not so well.. pudgy That's not really the focus here though, it's more along the lines of losing the gut and then I can focus on the toning.
Good advice from Naxis, not much I can add but I also wonder if you have room in your garage for a pullup station? You can usually do pullups, dips and also hanging leg lifts with one. And add a simple set of dumbbells to that and you have many possibilities for different resistance training exercises. You really don't need alot of stuff to get in shape!