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Re: Abnormal Pap and Free Fluid in Pelvis....what does this mean?

It's difficult to say, only a dr. can determine if its cancer.
the best way to determine is thru pathology.
your gyno should perform a colposcopy (spelling?) a magnified view of the cervix and then the gyno takes a sample of the abnormal looking site on the cervix and sends it to be tested for any abnormal cells.
some drs will prescribe a creme to see if the inflammation goes away and then repeat the colposcopy.
if you learn about the anatomy of the female cervix and see all the layers of cells and tissue, you'd get a better understanding of how inflammation is observed. there are layers. if the top layer is just inflammed, certain cells appear thru the microscope. something about epitheial cells. which is the top layer? there's columar cells too. please don't quote me word for word.
type in female cervix on search engine.
and regarding the free fluid they found in your pelvic.
hemorphagic cysts that are filled with debris and blood can burst and spill out in into the pelvis, which is painfull. I have them chronically. for yrs now.
so I know when they're growing and when they leak the fluid..
it usually goes into the culdesac, but my last transvag ultrasound found ascities in my upper fundus area.
I've never had it that far up.
gynocological cancers and other cancers can cause ascities, (fluid) to build up in the abdomen or pelvic area.
alot of functional cysts which are common cysts can leak out this fluid when they burst or leak. every month a woman ovulates you have a cyst form what is called a functional cyst.
alot of woman aren't even aware of this normal process that takes place within us every month.
so to answer your question, you are correct that some fluid's are caused by malignacies, but most of the time not.
it's hard not to be alarmed when you hear these things. especially if you have knowledge of our anatomy and all the illnesses that can strike us.
when it comes to ovarian cancer, more woman need to be made aware and to listen to even the most vague symtoms they may be having. the symtoms can even be similar to gastro related.
so you never know.;
we trust our doctors to know. we do our best in trusting their diagnosis. but there are many misdiagnoses too.
so if you're not feeling well, you have to push for more answers. even if it means getting a second or third opinion from another doctor or doctors.

you know your body best.

I think it's wise that you're doing research. you can really never learn enough.
awareness is the thing that can save many lives.
doctors need to pay more attention to the woman who come thru their offices with complaints. even vague ones.

I hope you get the answers to your question and If I were you, I'd go to another dr if this dr isn't so willing to explain the answers to your questions.

I wish you good health and an answer.