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Re: Stage 1 OC - How were you diagnosed?

No Country girl,
OC stage 1 will not always show up on an ultra sound or CT scan or MRI.
there is a woman who wrote about her personal ovarian cancer story somewhere else, and let me tell you, she URGES other woman to keep seeing other doctors if they just keep watching and waiting and if you're still having vague symtoms.
after all,
vague symtoms are the only symtoms of ovarian cancer, usually called the silent killer because doctors and specialtists used to think there were no symtoms until later in the disease. this is NOT TRUE. they've done extensive research on patients who were diagnosed with OC and they found out that there are early symtoms, months before a woman is diagnosed, when it could've been caught in the early stages.
they are symtoms of irritable bowel syndrome, bloated abdomen, as if a woman were 8 months pregnant. pants get very tight and pants size goes up even though the woman could be weighting less in pounds, gasiness, constipation, or the opposite, urgency or freqeunt urination, feelings of nauseua or upset stomach after eating certain meals, feeling full quickly when only eatting very small meals, etc.
alot of these symtoms sound gastro related and these patients get referred to a gastroenterologist only to find out the tests come out neg. for gastro and then months later to be told they have ovarian cancer stage III or IIII.
it's horrible. it's frightening. I wish woman didn't feel silly or inhibited by telling their doctors to do further studies.
demand it. see another dr if you have to. it's o.k. it's your body.
don 't ever feel like your'e over reacting. because if this woman shawn, never pushed further, they would never have found her cancer until later. they did an exploratory laparotomy on her and found it hidden in side all over her peritonium? the cat scan and ultra sound did not pick this up.
she sounded like she was a hypochondriac to all her doctors yet never gave up and pushed till she found a dr who would listen that she wasn't quite feeling right.
no one really listened to her.
accept herself.
Good Luck.