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Re: Is there anything I can eat or drink that can help prevent cancer?

Originally Posted by StanTheMan
I just lost my aunt to cancer, she had it in her head, one of her lungs and both of her kidneys and I want to do whatever I can to prevent myself from getting it. So I was wondering if there is any specific foods or vitamins that can prevent cancer or atleast up my odds of not getting it?
Nothing can really prevent cancer. My aunt died from ovarian cancer. My mom just finished all her treatment and meds for breast cancer and so far seems ok. Her mother died from breast cancer when my mom was a child. My aunt and my mother both ate very healthy diets and it didn't prevent them from getting cancer. People with family that had cancer can get it and people that don't have anyone in there family at all that had any type of cancer can also get it. It has really nothing at all to do with family. That could give us more of a chance but not usually very high.

My doctor knows of my moms breast cancer and then her mother died from it and my doctor still has never sent me for a mammogram or any type of cancer testing. I'm 37 and all my friends have had at least one if not two mammograms by this age.