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New to Health Board.... need advice

Hi there. My name is Valarie and I need advice. (sorry, couldn't figure out how to post a new message.
Two years ago I was diagnosed with severe Endometriosis. Well recently, I've been spotting after sex, my periods are heavier than they've ever been and I've have a lot of stomach pain. I went to my Dr. and he automatically said that it's probably the endometriosis back again. He did do a pelvic untrasound and a test for STD's...both were clear. He said to just wait and see if my symptoms clear up. I've been doing some research on line and it seems that these are classic signs of Cervical Cancer. I've insisted on a pap test (the one I had almost a year ago was clear) and will be having that October 7th. I guess I just need advice. Should I seek a second opinion even if the pap test come back clear? Just a little worried that the doctor is automatically blowing this off as endometriosis and might miss something... or, am I worrying for nothing.
Thanks for listening!