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Need Omega 3 advice

I'm currently taking some Omega 3 capsules (4-5 a day), and the amounts are listed below:

4 capsules typically provide:

EPA: minimum 680mg (34%)
DHA: minimum 480mg (24%)
GLA: minimum 200mg (40%)
Natural Vitamin E

Today I found another Omega 3 supplement, and the amounts for that are shown below:

One 500mg vegetable capsule contains:

FISH OIL 330mg, of which pure EPA 300mg (90%concentrate)
EPO100mg of which 12% GLA

Comparing the 2 supplements the second one definately looks more potent, and it's highly recommended on many **** sites. However, the second supplement contains no DHA whatsoever. So my questions are:

1) How important is DHA, and do I even need to supplement DHA?

2) With the second supplement it says 'EPO100mg of which 12% GLA', does this mean I will have the correct omega 3:6 ratio, or do I need to buy an Omega 6 supplement seperately?

3) If I take very high doses of Omega 3 for extended periods of time and then I stop taking them due to money problems, would I get withdrawal symptoms, etc?

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