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Re: Another MRI and Claustrophobia

The machine, the facility, and the operator make a big difference. I've had 3 MRI's the last one a week ago and it was the worst of the 3 experiences.

1st scan - cervical spine. Phillips 1.5 - half open. I had headphones to listen to music - the let me pick anything I liked. The technician also talked to me through the proceedures told me how long they would be. I was sedated with 1mg Ativan - good stuff for that purpose. The duration was about half hour as I recall.

2nd scan - Brain with contrast. Same facility, 5mg Valium. About the same time - no problem

3rd Scan - Last Week, General Electric 1.5 - Closed Tube. No Sedation. No headphones - just ear plugs. Much cheaper (I had to pay for all the scans). This took about 15 minutes longer than the other two as well, and I had much difficulty hearing the technician. I'd recommend finding out what the Machine will be, if you have problems and are not allergic to the meds - take them! Also if you can get headphones and music highly recommended. Also it's good to think of anything but the proceedure you are going through. If they offer a mask for your eyes - use it. Otherwise keep your eyes closed. 5 minutes is like 15 in the tube, but everyone seems to make it just fine and you will too, the less you think about it the better off you are. And sometimes private imaging facilities are a better choice than hospitals where the equipment can be older. Call around and ask.