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Re: Stage 1 OC - How were you diagnosed?

Originally Posted by lotta

How were you diagnosed w/ endo 2 yrs ago? I also have endo and the only way the Dr.'s know for sure is to do a laproscopy. They can't tell by an ultrasound, blood work or pap smears. To me, it does sound like endo could be the issue. As there is no cure, just treatment for the symptoms and it does grow back. But don't let the Dr. blow it off as nothing. I don't know how old you are or if you do or want to have children but if endo is left alone to grow, worse case scenario, it could cause infertility. I would suggest discussing having a laproscopy w/ your Dr. Are you on birth control? The pill can keep it contained and slow the growth.

Good luck!
Hi Lotta,
Thanks for your reply. I was diagnosed with endo because he did a D&C to see what was going on. I'm 43 years old, so I don't want anymore babies Also, I'm high risk for Breast Cancer (mother, grandmother had it... I've already has 3 lumps removed!) so the pill is not an option.
Last time I had endo Dr. said it was a severe case. This time feels very different with lots of different symptoms... bleeding after sex being one of them...and slight cramps almost all month long. I am going for a pap test and biopsy Oct. 7th so I'll know more then. Dr. has suggested a hysterectomy.
Thanks again for taking the time to reply.