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Talking August Moms/August Babies

Well, we have been through the TTC boards, the pregnancy boards and now we are moving on to the next milestone...the infant boards!!! These boards have been a wonderful place to vent, cry, celebrate, laugh, and bond with each other in our journeys through pregnancy and birth. Not only have the August Mommies been keeping together but we have had many visits from other Mommies as well, we hope to continue discussing our babies progress, milestones, setbacks, as well as questions and advice in this thread. The August Mommies/August Babies thread will not only allow us to continue to compare our progress, but prepare others for whats to come as well. Although we may be the August Mommies, we welcome everyone in our thread.

That being said, I will start out our thread with an update on Kaden.
Kaden is 6 weeks old today. He is growing so quickly that I sometimes get sad because it feels like it is going so quickly that I am not having enough time to enjoy it completely. He smiled at me for the first time yesturday...first voluntary smile I should say, because he has smiled alot up until now, mostly in his sleep, but yesturday he actually smiled at me, I almost melted it was so cute. I have my 6 week checkup next Thursday, I think I may ask about post partum...I don't think I have full force post partum, but I do have instances where I feel when I see how quickly Kaden is growing. And I have a lower patience threshold than I normally do, mostly because I think sometimes Kierra (our 3 year old) is still testing her boundaries...but it's when I have that low patience threshold that I feel sad again because I feel like if only I had more patience I'd be a better Mom...not that I am mean or anything to Kierra, but I want to a fun Mom and I hate always having to say don't do this or don't do that or Kierra leave that alone etc...I don't have alot of patience with my DH right now either. I feel like a single parent because I do everything, he works and comes home or goes out for "a beer with the boys", Kaden is 6 weeks old today and my DH has not changed one diaper. I sometimes feel like my husbands social life is more imortant than his family life and I hate that because I don't want a part time husband or father for our children. My sister thinks I am moody, but she see's that I'm not happy with DH right now, is it just me or is this normal? Does it sound like PP? Other than that I am wondering about Kaden's eyes...he sometimes still goes cross eyed for a few minutes...I know it is normal until their eye muscles gain strength and according to my books it could take up to 6 months...he has gotten better but he still will go cross eyed...anyone elses babies still doing that? I remember Kierra did it but don't recall how long it lasted for. He has his 6 week check up Tuesday so I will ask there too, but wanted to compare with all of you.
Well, I should go. Take care and talk to you all soon.

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