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Re: August Moms/August Babies

HI Kierrasmommy,
Thanks for starting this board!
Well Troy will be 10weeks on mon. He's doing awesome! He's 14lbs and 23 inches now..(he was 7lbs 4oz..20inches at birth) He's feeding every4 hours which is a blessing! He's finally starting to smile..i was getting worried because i heard other babies were starting to smile earlier..but as time passed his big day came and we too melted!!
I thought i was getting bad baby blues because i was crying but as Troy started to sleep longer through the night i started to feel better. I found that i was sad/mad more at night than the day. My dh helps a lot..he gets up at night and changes Troy's diaper before i feed and would sit with me until troy was done. At times i was moody with him but realized that i shouldn't be!
I feel bad for you as your dh doesn't seem to want to really help....have you talked to him about this? I hope he comes to realize that you're working hard and need his help and company. I know that guy's "need" to have some buddy time but they should maybe try and lessen this time with a newborn at home and a "sad" mommy. I'm not sure if i really helped you with this but i thought i'd comment
I was also worried about Troy's crossed eyes but then one day he wasn't cross eyed..this about 2 weeks ago..Maybe Kaden will be the same!!
I've also started to give Troy a bottle (breastmilk) once a day..well actually today will be the 2nd day...he took it quite well yesterday and i hope he does the same today.
This kind of makes me sad because this means he's starting to grow up But i wanted to get him started on the bottle so when the time comes to have one he'll have no problem later.
He also had his 2mos shots a few days ago..and i almost cried because he was in so much pain! But he calmed down a few minutes later and I think i was still frazzled a few hours's hard seeing your baby cry like that! But he's doing fine...(except that night i was up every few hours to make sure he was ok, which he was and i just lost sleep over nothing!)
Well..i hope other mommies post as well!
talk to you soon!