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Re: August Moms/August Babies

I didn't get to know all you August moms on the other boards as I was supposed to be a July mommy. But I guess babies don't pay attention to these things! My little guy is 2 months tomorrow. He is so big! He is going to the doctor soon for his shots so I am interested to see how much he has grown. He is wearing six month clothing, and some of them fit pretty snug!
I agree it is already going too fast. Right now he loves and needs me so much, and I don't want to lose that! But at the same time it is so cool to see him developing every day and I am so excited to see all the firsts to come.
My favourite part of the day is the morning when I go to his crib and say "Good morning Logan", and he'll turn to me and get this huge smile and kick his legs and wave his arms like crazy! I love it!