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Re: August Moms/August Babies

Hi Ladies,
Good to talk to you both again. I'm glad that Troys eyes straightened out, I am pretty sure Kaden's will too because he seems to be less and less cross eyed as time goes on...I was more worried early on because I remember when Kierra's(our first child) eyes were crossed and we'd cover her eyes she'd refocus correctly, but Kaden didn't do that and sometimes still doesn't but I am happy that he seems to be getting stronger eye control now. My husbands eyes never did straighten out and when he was 3 he had surgery on the one eye to fix it, so I think we are even more focused on Kadens eyes than we normally would be because of that. Kaden doesn't smile often yet but he does smile at least once a day on purpose...he still smiles in his sleep.
The husband issues go a bit deeper and he's never in the mood to discuss things so I have been emailing him so I know he knows what I am feeling...I know sad that we have to resort to email, but that seems to be the only way I can get my points across. He sometimes gets better and then things go back to the same old story. My sister is going to talk with him this week because I can't seem to get through to him and we are wondering if he thinks it's all just me...but maybe if my sister tells him that he is being an idiot maybe he'll open his eyes. His social life includes Walmac Billiards league once a week, hockey league once a week and "going for a beer" which is often a few hours at least once a week. So combined with him working full time it just seems like he is gone more than he is home. Well, I should go, keep in touch ladies. Oh! have your babies rolled over yet? And if yes, how old were they?