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Re: UTI -always coming back

Originally Posted by earlycat
bird princess and karakarakara,

I am a 29 year old who has chronic uti's. I've gone through a lot frustration and dr's appointments till I finally found one Dr. that would listen to me and help. What has been helping is an antibiotic called bactrum. the dr gives me an rx of about 30 at a time and I take them when I feel the burning start and I also take them after sex. Since taking bactrum I have had 1 uti in the past 3 years. I use to get them ever couple of months. I hope this helps! Good luck!

oh ladies.. that used to be me. I no longer get bladder infections at all. My steps are
1. always go pee after having sex.. always, no compromise
2. always have a glass of cranberry juice after sex.. again, Always..
3. then I mix water with cranberry juice for the next day after.

This has completely cleared me up. (It's been an adjustment though because I really don't like the taste of cranberry juice.)
But it's really worked.