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Re: Nailbed overgrowing (just one nail)

Originally Posted by Angelicat
I was cutting my fingernails today and I realized that one of my pinky nails has an overgrown nailbed. The "pink" part protrudes an extra millimitre or two past where it should usually end (and where the nail should normally look translucent white.) it looks like the nailbed started growing along with the nail.

What happened and what should I do? I want my nailbeds to stop at the end of my fingers. Sometimes I like to have short fingernails.

Is it growing evenly across the free edge, or is it growing more in the center than the sides? You may have developed Pterygium Inversum Unguis.

Pterygium Inversum Unguis is an acquired condition characterized by a forward growth of the hypony****m characterized by live tissue firmly attached to the underside of the nail plate, which contains a blood supply and nerves. Possible causes are systemic, hereditary, or from an allergic reaction to acrylics or solvents. Never use force to 'push back' the advancing hypony****m -- it is an extremely painful approach, and will result in a blood flow. Consult a physician for diagnosis and treatment.