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Coughing Up Blood in the Morning

Well I just got better after a cold (Not the Flu), I was never really sick i just had a runny nose, and a congested chest. I been keeping an eye on it to see if maybe it was a bacterial infection in my lungs or sinus. Well the sinus has cleared up well, and the lungs are clear too, except in the morning. When I get up in the morning I can "feel" the congestion so I go to the sink and cough it up, however it seems to be a rusty color, and somtimes has spots of blood in it. And this may continue for a few more hacks, then it goes away and I don't see it till the next morning. The time in between I don't have any problems breathing, coughing, or with phlegm/blood.

I have read that maybe a bacterial infection in my lungs may be producing these symptoms, I just don't know cause I'm only coughing in the morning. I had pneumonia last april, and feburary of this year I had coughed up some blood so I went to the doctor and had Blood Work, TB test, Lung X-rays & Examination and everything came back normal. The doctor said it was probably from Post Nasal drip (Which I do suffer from), however this time I know it's coming from my lungs or bronchi.

BTW I am 24/Male

So what do you guys think?

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