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Re: Should I seek a diagnosis?

Atthis, if you have a tick-borne illness such as Lyme disease and you take an antibiotic that kills the spirochetes it will cause a worsening of symptoms when the spirochetes die. Have you ever been checked for tick-borne illnesses? Babesia causes severe sweats and chills too. I sweat so badly that I can't stand it. I could be standing in a freezer and still have the sweat dripping down me. I never used to sweat that much until I got bit by an infected tick. I will soon be going on clindamycin and quinine for babesia, but have to address Lyme toxins in my head first. I can't wait to get rid of these sweats. It's an awful feeling, aspecially when your shower feels pointless as soon as you step out of it! Please check into getting some help by a Lyme literate physician as the the medical community is quite polarized about this disease. My son almost died due to the ignorance of a physician that wan't very educated with tick-borne illnesses. She told us that we didn't have tick-borne illnesses where we live. Sadly, infected ticks know no geographical boundaries. They are verywhere. My son was suffering from Lyme, Tularemia and RMSF. The Lyme specialist saved his life. I will warn you, the testing for these diseases is tricky and (if blood is not handled accurately) can get messed up and give false negatives or perhaps your body will not have made antibodies. If you get tested, make sure that Igenex Labs is used. I have been doing a lot of research and studying, and have recently read that many physicians believe that CFS is not a real disease but rather a symptom. Most people that have been tested for CFS actually have a virus or other disease. My Lyme specialist has found in all of his years of testing, that almost every CSF patient he has...actually had a tick-borne illness or virus. He is in Springfield, MO and treats patients all over the world. My brother's sister lives in a tick infected area...and she has all of the symptoms of Lyme, but won't go to the Lyme doctor for help. If your body responds in pain (or by getting better symptomatically) after taking certain antibiotics that is a good indication that you could very well have a tick-borne illness. It sounds like you could be having Jarisch-Herxheimer reactions, which is a temporary worsening of symptoms as the spirochetes die. What happens is that as the spirochetes die, they break open and their toxins are released and it makes you feel like you've got poisin in your body. It can make you ache severely. Once the overload of toxins is eliminated from your system you start to feel much better. Please check into there is help! It could be anything, but I want you to be aware of Lyme. Only a small percentage of Lyme patients even remember getting bitten by a tick...and not all develop a rash. I was lucky enough to see the critter (small as he was) and to get an EM rash. Check the symptoms out by going to sites of Lyme organizations or associations. They will have the most accurate information on the disease and can help direst you to a LLMD (Lyme literate medical doctor). Good luck!

P.S. If you can get an appointment with a Lyme literate doctor and your symptoms fit this category, he should start treating you even if you can't afford testing. If it is a tick-borne illness, the longer you wait, the more the bugs will multiply in your body. If your body responds to antibiotics...that is good. Let us know what happens!