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New member here...need help!

Okay I'll try to describe what all is going on with me. Here it goes. Sorry it's so long.

Before this past February I was always an active, energetic person who loved life and I always was very positive and upbeat. I was active in sports and just loved working out and staying in shape. In January, I noticed that when I came home from school I would immediately lay on my couch and sleepl...something I never did before. I then went to the doctor and after a blood test I was diagnosed with Mono. I had a really bad case of Mono, my glands swelled up so bad one day that I had to go to the emergency room because I became so dehydrated and couldn't swallow any fluids.

After missing a week of school I returned, and thought I was going to be back to normal in no-time. That leads me to where I'm at today, 9 months later! Ever since I received mono I have had no energy, and I can't do nearly anything that I used to be able to. Basically I plan my day around how much energy I have.

I started college here at Michigan in September, and the fatigue really is killing me. I get so tired sometimes that it's hard for me to study and concentrate on school work. It's really causing me a lot of anxiety and emotional problems. The main thing that I've been so frusterated with is a lack of diagnosis. I haven't been labeled as having "chronic fatigue syndrome" but there's no way mono is still causing me to feel tired is there?

I also think now that I'm at college I am depressed. I'm constantly down, and I cry a lot. Especially when I think back to how I was before I contracted mono, and how I used to be so physically fit and active. My parents seem to think that I have depression and thats why I'm tired, but I'm not down all the time so I don't know if it's depression. I am so hard on myself now, I just don't know what to do, nothing is going good in my life anymore. I try explaining to people that the tiredness is "different" from just being normally tired. I can feel it inside of me that something is different when I get really tired.

Wow. I just realized I rambled on about the same thing. Basically I'm just so frusterated...I'm only 19...I should be healthy and happy here at college, but I'm miserable. I know that fatigue and depression are linked, so I think I may go to a counselor and see if I do have depression. The future just looks so bleak right now, and it shouldn't because I have everything in the world to look forward to, but it's hard when I have no energy.

I guess I just want to know if I have depression or CF, or both. The doctors aren't providing much help. I JUST WANT TO BE HEALTHY!!!

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