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Re: Coughing Up Blood in the Morning

Well I have gone to the doctor and they started doing the same things that they did last time (X rays, TB Test, Examination). I'm pretty sure that it's not TB cause my PPD is not swelling, and she put me on a zithromax in case I do have an infection. The amount of blood I am coughing out is less overall, but I am starting to do it at night now as well. The blood always seems to be accompanied by what I would call brown phlegm. I get the brown phlegm quite often, and a friend of mine says he also gets the brown phlegm. I do frequently smoke MJ but I do not smoke cigerettes anymore, and I assumed thats what it was. Right after I notice that I am coughing up blood it stops promtly afterwards, and it's just plain old brown phlegm. I don't really notice any yellow or green in it, and I don't really feel congested, I also don't have a cough that lingers around. I've hardly been coughing at all really, so I don't know what the deal is, I'm really starting to get scared though. I guess I will just have to wait for the results of my x rays and pray to god that they are ok. I looked at the x rays myself and I didn't see anything that looked to weird, however the area where the bronchials come into the lungs were very noticable in the right lung. However they didn't look anything like they did when I had pnuemonia last april (2004), I have studied many x rays online and if there is a tumor/cancer it's must be very very small.

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