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Re: Coughing Up Blood in the Morning

I know... I belive that I am going to give up the MJ no matter how much I love it, becuase life is more important to me than that. I have only had pneumonia twice in my life once when I was very young, and April of 2004. I wasn't aware that pneumonia caused scaring of the lung, when I had it in april it was the top portion of my lung, and it was huge!!! It coverd the entire top half of my lung, the doctor said it was incredibly bad for anyone to have, super bad for my age. I am currently waiting for the report of my X ray, my TB test was negative some it's not TB. The amount of blood I am coughing is decreasing along with the congestion, the doctor has me a on a zithromax, which I finshed today so I hope it was just an infection and I plan on taking much better care of my lungs that for sure.