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Re: New member here...need help!

Originally Posted by aestud3
The fatigue I feel varies by day, and also by time of day. Some days I think I'm back to normal and I get really happy and feel like life is good again. But then the next day I'll feel exhausted and get really down again. So I guess you could say that it comes and goes, and at some points of the day I have high energy and at some points I have very low energy. When I have low energy everything seems to overwhelm me and I worry about the stupidest stuff. I also believe I may have depression now that school has started and I'm away from home for the first time. I'm heading to a couselor on Thursday, and I'm going in with the attitude that maybe anti-depressents will help. After all, depression runs in my family and if I am depressed it may be hindering my return to "full" energy.
I think what your doing is right on, tho, please get back in for a recheck with a physician, too. If it is the symptoms of mono, there are things you can do to help feel better or if its Chronic Fatigue there is treatment for that as well.

By the way how are your eating habits? It's really important to fuel your body for the task at hand. The brain takes up the most energy...and needs to be fed through out the day. uvm
p.s. Healthy foods that produce energy, enough of a mom speech, you probably get that from home