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Re: working out not working?

Thank you for your help Naxis! very much appreciated

I wake up at 7 am. My daily eating routine looks like this

9 am - special K bar or fruit bowl for breakfast
11 am - mandarine orange or banana for snack
12 pm - salad (with kidney beans, cheese & egg) salad dressing is Fat Free Italian: Other lunches I eat are turkey breast wraps (spinich wrap, lettuce, tomatoes, olives & fat free ranch dressing), once a week I'll have Sushi for lunch (Salmon rolls & or Tuna Rolls 6)
2 pm - snack yogurt
7 pm dinner - Salmon & Asparigus or Chicken (Dr Phil Recipe with lemon, onion & celery) or chicken breast & rice (I do eat white rice cause hubby hates brown rice) or BBQ'd pork ... with each dinner meal I always have two sides of veggies, weather it be peas, asparigus, sweet potatoes. The only condiments for dinner is I cook Asparigus with Fat Free Italian Dressing.
(lazy Sunday dinners will be Subway, footlong Tuna with pickles & Olives on Honey Oat bread)

I do think a problem I have is Portion sizes. I'm used to cooking for 4, now i'm cooking for two. I do serve as much on my plate as my husbands. Especially salmon, I'll eat two palm sizes of Salmon, cause I love it so much with Salmon I eat honey mustard sauce & Peacans

Water, I drink 4 X 591 ml Dasani bottle of water (refill my bottle) at my desk at work. When I get home from the gym I usually have equivilent to 1 bottle.
I drink 1 cup (small) of starbucks coffee in the morning (with sugar and cream I admit). I dont' drink pop or sodas, but maybe once or twice a week will have orange juice & V8.

this eating habbit is only 1 1/2 years old. I never watched what I ate before I got married. This "diet" has been since March /04

my work out routine used to be:
5 days a week 45 mins cardio, weights 2 times a week (only 15 minutes)

6 days / week Circut training (with cardio inbetween machines for 30 seconds) & 20 minutes cardio (total work out 50 mins)

Thanks again hope this is clear enough.

as for your question. I am very proud of my body, Not so much my stomach, but my chest, legs & butt I'm happy with. When I gain weight it's all in my face & stomach (or so it seems). I think I'm more discouraged by the scale than anything else


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