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Re: working out not working?

You can certainly make some significant changes, and you seem to know generally what they are already. But if you are not unhappy with how you look or feel, FORGET the scale. It is not indicitave of anything useful. It *really is* just a number. Remember that you don't control where fat comes off first; genetics does. So if you want to lose weight, it may come off of other places first. Just something to consider.
-But- if you still want to lose some weight, diet changes will make the difference. Your workout looks fine, but there are a couple things that really jump out at me. First, portion size will absolutely ruin fat loss (especially fatty foods like salmon and nuts - it's good fat, but high cal). What I'd recommend you do is to keep a food journal for one week, keeping track of what you're eating all day and look up the nutritional value of everything - specifically calories. Your food choices are excellent, but getting a handle on what ideal portion sizes are will take a little "research". Your total calories for the day should be around 1600-1900 (higher in the range on days you're active/working out). Divide that fairly evenly into every meal you eat for the day.
Which brings me to the other thing that leaps out at me; you eat every 2 hours until 2pm, then have a 5 hour gap until dinner, which is your big meal for the day. Having a large dinner is actually a hinderance to weight loss. Your metabolism slows at night and unless you do something to burn it off, anything that is not used gets stored (as fat). Putting a small snack in there around 4pm and having a smaller dinner will help a lot. Otherwise, it looks really good.
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