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Re: pregnancy or horrible case of PMS

I am sad to say that I feel a bit better today, I have been experiencing back pain which is not normal for me but the urge to urinate all the time is gone now I think I am just experiencing an odd month, and my breasts are heavy and full but not at all sore so I guess it was just wishful hoping for us this month. This will also only be my second month off of bc so my body is more than likely getting use to that. AF is due on the 20th and I have been charting my body temps and I am 10 days past ovulation and have not had a rise and I did a test first thing this morning and it was negative. I bought one of those early predictor tests where it can be 4 days before AF is due. I have to say this is just about the worst pms I have ever had I even cried the other day for no reason crazy or what.