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Post Acne-prone bodybuilders

Whats up?

I started this thread for all bodybuilders that suffer from acne. In my situation, I suffer from moderate acne. I have found my acne to be related to foods.

As of now, I am currently trying to bulk up but I have noticed that I'm breaking out more frequently than before. I have noticed that this breakout may be related to an increase in grain consumption (oats, I eat 6 cups a day!). I will stop eating grains from today and will make up those missing carbs with sweet potatoes. My diet consists basically of eggs, olive oil, sweet potatoes, chicken, lime beans, whey protein. I will keep you guys posted if my acne improves after I drop my grain consumption (I will be eating NO GRAINS AT ALL). If my acne stays the same or even worsens my acne may be related to lectin consumption (because of the sweet potatoes). If that is the case then my acne is related to both grains and lectins, making bulking impossible for me. I dont eat any sugar (not even post workout) and I've noticed that my acne has improved since my low sugar intake. Dairy products have also been a problem to me (especially milk). So if you consume a lot of dairy products and have acne you might want to stop them for some time and see if it improves your acne. I've heard about people developing acne after taking Creatine but I dont know. I've never taken Creatine myself so I cant tell you. Please post your thoughts, bodybuilders of the world UNITE!!!

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