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May not be the foods. Working out may cause ACNE.

Lifting heavy weights can cause in increase in testosterone.

Too much testosterone can lead to an increase in oil activity, thus, an increase in sebum oil in your sebum glands - causing acne.

Lifting to bulk up with heavy weights may be the reason for the acne.


I now lift moderate weights (3-4 times a week). Just enough to break a sweat and slight sorness the next day. Nothing heavy.

This moderate lifting has caused me to drop a few pounds (used to lift heavy) thus - I am more lean, quicker, and simply more cut up.

My skin is pretty clear - but I cannot conclude that this change in my workout was the reason.

I stopped the MULTI VITAMINS (whole new topic on why they cause acne, and no, its not just the iodine.) and I also stopped the horrible RETIN-A.

I now use simple Benzoyl Peroxide, Salycilic Acid, and Glycolic Acid.