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Re: BFN need advice please!!!!!


I am now 6 days late. I have a bad cold as well. headache, lowerback pain, mild cramping which comes and goes. I did a test yesterday and it was BFN. I am not taking anything for the cold in case I am P, just taking tylenol, I did not want to harm anything. I am normally good with AF. I can chart it on a graph and always determine when it is due. M/C april this year was 13 weeks and had a d/c. Second D/C in June. Dr did not get everything out. Been fine ever since.

do you think I should try another HPT test? I have not told my BF did not want to alarm anyone. I want to be sure. Last month thought I was P and felt I made a fool of myself with the Dr. I had a mammogram on Oct 4th.

any thoughts anyone, I am confused of what to do.

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