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justmel30 03-02-2010 10:12 AM

October Momma's!
Hi all. Looking for some fellow October mothers to be to share with. I'm due on the 9th and even though this is my fourth time around, it's allways nice to share and get excited with others. I just had all my blood work done last week and I go in on the 15th of march for my first ultrasound. EXCITING!!!! Hoping its a girl becuase I allready have 3 boys so keep your fingers crossed.

hotmama08 03-03-2010 01:20 AM

Re: October Momma's!

Im due Oct. 6:) although I might end up delivering on or before Sept 29 a week early due to my previous c-section. With my previous c-section history and maternal age, they want me to deliver a week early.
Wishing for a bb girl since our first born is a now 17 month old smart bb boy ;) but whatever it is, we couldnt be happier to have a 2nd one. This pregnancy is a gift, unplanned and happened naturally. Our first baby took us about a year thru fertility help.

Namibia 03-03-2010 04:53 AM

Re: October Momma's!
Congrats Hotmamma I am so happy for you and DH. You had a rough time last year, but I am so happy you are pg again and NATURALLY!


justmel30 03-03-2010 09:40 AM

Re: October Momma's!
Well congratulations! I'm hoping for a girl too so maybe we will both get lucky!

hotmama08 03-03-2010 12:23 PM

Re: October Momma's!
@Namibia--Thank you. Yes, I had a miscarriage last september at 6 wks:( and I could have been 27 weeks pregnant just like you by now. But that gave me hope knowing I can get pregnant naturally, and I did :)

@justmel30--I was also due on October with my first son so I know we will both be pregnant during the entire summer :dizzy: and that means I can wear the same maternity clothes and my shorts and capris ;)

skennard1 03-03-2010 03:18 PM

Re: October Momma's!
Congrats, I am pregnant with baby # 4 myself but I am hoping for a boy. I am already showing and due in Sept. 2010. I figured I wouldn't be nervous with this one but I guess with each baby comes a unique feeling. I was wondering if you too have noticed a baby bump already? I am hearing the comments already wow you are showing already are you having twins/! Seriously, I already want to scream! But oh well 6more months just 6 more months.

justmel30 03-03-2010 05:04 PM

Re: October Momma's!
hahaha. I am showing a little. The prob is that from my other three, I have a permanent pouch. Not very noticeable if I have on a high waisted pair of jeans, but yes, the three before this one pretty much ruined my poor belly. So with this pregnancy, its like pushing all the fat up. lol. Thats the best I can describe it. So even though Im only 8 weeks along, I look more like 3 months.

justmel30 03-06-2010 08:02 AM

Re: October Momma's!
Is anyone else having problems with their prenatals making them want to barf their guts out? OMG! I thought I was going along smoothly, mild nausea. But now, I litterally feel like I'm on a tiny boat in the middle of the ocean. So I stopped taking my prenatals for 2 days, nausea gone. So I started taking them before I went to bed and now I'm waking up in the middle of the night sick as a dog, and half way through the day I'm hugging the toilet! I hate vitamins!

skennard1 03-07-2010 06:48 PM

Re: October Momma's!
October due mommy here and with baby #4 and I will be making this my last little one, oh yes! I am feeling this one move already, it is so calming to know he or she is an active little creature, lol. I am looking as if I am 6 months already. I realize it's due to the muscles being relaxed and the body having done this before several times now but wow did I show early! I can't wait for the next ultrasound to see if this one is a boy or a girl. I think it is a boy. Has anyone else been on this rodeo several times now and is showing earleir than expected?

justmel30 03-07-2010 06:54 PM

Re: October Momma's!
This is also my 4th. Im due oct. 9 but let me tell you, this morning, i realized that I am allready in desperate need of maternity clothing. I look probably about 4 months pregnant right now, and I can suck it in all I want, but it doesnt help to much. It flattens a little, but the waistline is gone, and the pouch is in its place.

skennard1 03-07-2010 06:55 PM

Re: October Momma's!
I didn't take prenatals with my last pregnancy. I hated the fact that they made me really sick so my doctor told me to take children's chewables two at bedtime, if I it didn't bother my stomach. You know like The Flintstones Vitamens for kids. And my daughter turned out fine and he told me to do the same this time around as well. I wouldn't worry too much about the whole need for prenatals, there are other alternatives.

skennard1 03-07-2010 06:58 PM

Re: October Momma's!
Well, good to know we are not alone right. We will get the waistline back in all due time I suppose. I am hearing already wow your baby belly is already showing, it could be twins, and so on. I want to scream sometimes, other times I just smile and say yes, I am showing rather quickly this is baby #4 after all, lol.

justmel30 03-08-2010 09:39 AM

Re: October Momma's!
lol, I get a lot of funny looks when people ask me how far along I am and I tell them 10 weeks. They look at me like I'm FAT! lol

hotmama08 03-08-2010 03:09 PM

Re: October Momma's!
Im still with stuffy nose and on and off bouts of nausea.
I cant start my day unless I vomit because the nausea makes me so unbalanced.

I cant eat or do anything, cant even focus on what Im doing so I stick my hands inside the back of my throat to help me puked and only then once I emptied my gut that I feel refreshed. My husband thinks Im crazy but if you're having nausea each day and nothing works, you will do anything crazy to make things better. Nausea is only relieved after I emptied my belly :p( I dont encourage anyone to do this)

I have a 17 month old son that needs my care and attention and I feel so unfit and horrible that I cant attend to him well enough when Im nauseaus all the time.

10 wks and Im wearing my yoga pants or sweat pants, nobody would noticed since it's still cold in here. But my blue jeans no longer fits unless I have it way below my waist.

justmel30 03-08-2010 07:35 PM

Re: October Momma's!
Poor hotmama! I was skating along in my pregnancy pretty well. Very little nausea at all. But about a week ago, WHAMO! Oh my goodness, I have been sick and sicker. I wake up and I'm shakey and nauseous, I can hardly pick my head up off the pillow. At the same time, I have to pee every 15 minutes which is making sleep about impossible. I have to get up early to take my 8 year old to school but i've been fortunate that my mother has been stopping by everymorning to help. She picks him up and takes him to school now. I still have to get up with him early, but at least I dont have to go anywhere. Then I get to lay down for a while until my other kids wake up. Then after that, I feel pretty much like crap until about 2 in the afternoon. Then I'm ok until after dinner. Then I'm back to the couch, nauseous and sick. I hate this part of pregnancy. I'm hoping it will be over soon.

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