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Roller Coaster, Hospice and more

Morning all- Im in the tampa area and we did fine with the Willma ... visited mom yesterday as I took the day off from work and she was sitting up, humming and smiling and was very communicative ... Hospice was there and they were very helpful. Mom has been OFF all IV, and cannot swallow based on a swallow test .. However, the Dr. has said IF she wants to eat, drink .. let her try .. it cannot hurt. My hubby took a spongy mouthswab, dunked it in water - VERY LITTLE water and she sucked it dry ! We then dipped a spoon in some thickened juice and she was like a little hungry bird with her mouth open begging for more ... I kept giving her as much as she wanted and she seemed OK ... yesterday was the first day that she acknowledged being in pain so they gave her a morphine derrivitive. She actually was able to raise her hand to her lips and blow us kisses -- she has had NO hand/eye coordination in months. Hubby went this AM (7am) and Mom was resting ok and not in pain. I asked hospice and the nurses .. any chance of a turn around where she MIGHT start being able to swallow and they said - cannot say for sure ... SO as long as she is wanting liquid they can give it to her .. just not able to give spoonfuls .. just little drops at a time so she can taste. I also seem to be the only one that can clean out her mouth. Ok this is gross but when you have nothing coming in, the saliva appears to turn nasty brown and coat the mouth .. my mother had a HUGE ball of this crap but it loosened up when I gave her an icecube to stuck on .. and boy was she really sucking on that and making yummy noises. I know the next 10 -14 days will be up and down and I'm OK today .. Finally slept 2 nights in a row and have some appetite again. The FLIPPING guardian is still a jerk - I had a priest come on Sat. to pray for her - mom is a practicing catholic and dummy said - OH they have preachers ! You would THINK that someone in that position would know what is necessary for spiritual healing ... AUGH !!
My best to everyone on this list. I will keep you all posted.
OH .. I got a voice mail message from someone in PA regarding guardianship as I had an article posted in a local paper here last year .. He is asking ME for help! I will be more than glad to see what I can do.

Love to all


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