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kittenkaboodle 01-17-2011 07:38 PM

September Mommies!
Hello out there?!

I just got my bfp this past weekend - I'm due with #2 on September 26th! Is anyone else expecting in September?

Hope to talk to you soon!


festivus 01-19-2011 02:23 PM

Re: September Mommies!
Congrats to you! I am due 9/19 with #1. Actually, possibly with #1 AND #2!!! Had my first u/s today, and there were 2 sacs. One was smaller than the other, so possibly just developing a little slower or possibly has already stopped developing. They said they should be able to tell at my u/s next week. Either way, after 3 years, 5 IUIs, and 2 IVFs, I'm SO EXCITED!

Hoping lots more September mommies join us!

kittenkaboodle 01-24-2011 08:20 AM

Re: September Mommies!
Hi Jess!

Festivus for the rest of us! Very cute. : )

Congratulations on your babe(s)! That is very exciting! Definitely keep me posted on the progress!

Are you feeling alright? I am feeling surprisingly well right now. I know it's early in the 1st trimester, but I was already quite queasy at this point with my son (who is now 20 months). I'm quite nervous about having a newborn with a toddler, especially since my husband travels frequently for his job, but I guess we'll find a way to make it work.

Have a great week and please, please, please keep me posted about the u/s.

Any other September Mommas out there?


ames83 01-24-2011 03:38 PM

Re: September Mommies!
Hi September Mommies!! Congrats! By my calculations I should be due Sept 19th. I called and made my first appt today (Feb 7th). This will be my 3rd pregnancy. I have a daughter who is 3. I had a miscarriage back in August. I'm really hoping that all goes well with this one. I know the first couple of u/s will be nerve racking. How's everyone feeling? I'm having the normal uterus stretching cramps and some sore BBs. ;)

festivus 01-24-2011 04:24 PM

Re: September Mommies!
Hi again Kitten and welcome ames83! I am not really having many symptoms...a few cramps here and there, plus tired. The most annoying symptom is that I have to pee ALL the time. Thinking that's probably from the progesterone supplements. Anxiously awaiting my 2nd u/s on Wed to find out if I have 1 or 2 cooking up in there!

Kitten, I can relate about your hubby being away. My DH is away 4 or 5 days a week for work. He's waiting for a transfer back to our area, but that could be next week or 3 years from now, we just don't know. It must be difficult for you now having your DH away and taking care of your toddler. How do you manage?

ames83, I agree about the u/s. I am so nervous and really, really want to see the heartbeat(s). Since we share a due date, I guess you'll be 8 weeks when you go in for your 1st u/s. The two weeks until then might be worse than the dreaded 2ww! How will you get through the next 2 weeks? Because of all my fertility issues, they are monitoring me very closely, so I'll get weekly u/s at least through 8 weeks. Then I'll switch over to my regular ob/gyn.

Glad our group is growing!

ames83 01-24-2011 04:33 PM

Re: September Mommies!
Oh yeah... forgot about the sleepiness I'm feeling. I really don't know how I'll make it through the next two weeks. Work will be really busy so maybe that will help. I had fertility issues with my first. Mine still exist but I'm on Metformin and that's done wonders for regular cycles. We fixed my hubbies issue. ;) It was nice being able to get all those early u/s before switching over to the regular OB. Good luck at your next u/s!

kittenkaboodle 01-25-2011 03:01 PM

Re: September Mommies!
Hi Ladies!

Ames, so happy for you to join the September Mommas group! I agree with the constant sleepiness. I went to bed last night at 7:30pm! I just couldn't help it!

Thanks for the empathy with DH's work, Festivus. Luckily he is not away for long stretches - usually no more than 1 to 3 days at a time. The part I'm worried about is after this baby is born because October/November is his busiest season. He may be gone for a most of that. We will have some help from Grandparents, and friends, but it will be interesting. My son will only be 2 and half... I can't imagine he will be very self sufficient at that point.

Otherwise I am feeling really good. We just told our parents about the bfp on the weekend, and they are super thrilled. I'm really excited to tell everyone else, but I also want to be cautious just in case. I had pre-eclampsia with my first pregnancy, and I'm worried that it will come back for this one. From everything that I've read, there is nothing that I can do to prevent it, but it still worries me.

I hope you ladies are doing well and feeling good. I can't wait to hear about the ultrasounds... please keep me posted!

Have a great evening,

festivus 01-26-2011 02:26 PM

Re: September Mommies!
Had u/s #2 today and saw TWO heartbeats! One is still measuring a little smaller and heartbeat wasn't as strong, so could still face vanishing twin syndrome. But, "Tiny", as DH and I have started calling the smaller one, may still catch up. I just really wish we a first time mom, I feel like I have so much to do to prepare. And if it's two, well then there's just that much more to do! Still feeling pretty good, but feel like I'm holding my breath waiting for the morning sickness to start (while crossing my fingers that I don't get it!). Also feeling a litte less bloated this week (hope that's not TMI)...last week I really thought I was going to have to switch to maternity pants at 6 weeks. All my pants were SO tight. But, they're all fitting better this week, so hopefully can hold off on the maternity clothes for another month or two. When did you have to switch to maternity clothes with your first?

Kitten, we told our families last week, too. I have told 2 close friends but plan to wait until 12-14 weeks to tell everybody else, including work. However, I'm getting nervous that if both twins "take" I may show earlier and will be forced to fess up sooner.

Ames, have you told anyone yet?

Hope you ladies are still feeling good. Looking forward to more updates from both of you!

kittenkaboodle 01-28-2011 01:01 PM

Re: September Mommies!
Hi Ladies,

Festivus, 2 heartbeats! That is so exciting! How long do you have to wait before you know for sure that it's twins, and not vanishing twin syndrome? 2nd trimester?

I personally think it is never too early to buy maternity clothes. You can't tell that pants are maternity anyways, so why not be confortable? I actually never stopped wearing one pair of maternity pants after having my son, because there are the only gray dress pants I have. I love em! So, go shopping whenever you want! There are no rules, I say!

I've been feeling pretty good lately, but I had my first bout of m/s this morning. I was driving to work, and had to roll down the window for some fresh air because I felt so sick (and it was -10 out!). It passed pretty quickly, but I remember this happening a lot to me in the morning last time. Otherwise I'm feeling good. It's funny, I feel so "normal" that I sometimes forget I'm pregnant! No sore boobs, feeling pretty energetic, no mood swings. Yet, of course! : )

I think we're going to tell our siblings this weekend, and then start moving on to close friends. So exciting!

Okay, and, silly question - do you think it's inappropriate to have a baby shower for your second child?

Hope you're doing great and we'll chat soon!


ames83 01-28-2011 03:21 PM

Re: September Mommies!
Hi everyone!! I'm still feeling good also. Only time I feel a little sick is if I get really hungry. I felt queasy with my first but never threw up. I can't remember when that started. As far as maternity pants. I think I was into my 2nd trimester before I wore them.

How excited you saw two heartbeats. I'm still nervously awaiting my first u/s. Only 1 week to go. I'm thankful we are coming up on our busiest time of the year at work.

I had to tell my sister in law who has a fitness business. I'm one of the run trainers and we start a running group next weekend. I will not be joining them this time. I do still do Zumba. Only low impact now. I hope I can continue throughout my pregnancy. We will see what the Dr says about that. Since one sister in law knew I told the other one. :) We haven't told our parents yet. I think we will tell them this weekend. As for my friends.... I'm torn. We may wait til the 12 wk mark. If not the 12 wk mark at least until the first u/s.

2nd baby shower is not inappropriate . If you have a girl you'll need clothing. If you have a boy you could do a diaper and wipes shower. You can ALWAYS use those.


kini23 01-28-2011 06:43 PM

Re: September Mommies!
Hey girls! I am due on September 3 with my third child. I have been feeling nauseous for about two weeks now so I bought some sea bands for my wrists and I have noticed a significant difference. Have any of you ever tried these? Congrats to you all on your pregnancies!

festivus 01-29-2011 11:02 AM

Re: September Mommies!
Hi, Ladies! Welcome, Kini!

Found out Thursday that my insurance won't cover my prenatal visits with my fertility doc, who usually keeps patients through week 8. So, have an appointment Thursday with my regular ob/gyn. Really looking forward to it, but...disappointed that DH won't be able to go (he's away for work Wed-Sun next week). And, it's a little hard to leave my fertility center, as I've been going there for 2 years! I guess it's like a graduation. Time for me to move on. Wondering if my regular ob is going to refer me to a perinatologist...I have a BUNCH of stuff going on that may warrant it...twins, advanced maternal age, weight :( and a genetic clotting condition that makes me prone to blood clots in general and especially during pregnancy due to the hormones. It also puts me at increased risk for late-term m/c and stillbirth, so I will need some extra monitoring.

As for the vanishing twin syndrome, it's really like any m/c where, at least in general, the risk should drop significantly after the 1st trimester. But, due to my clotting condition, I would guess I'm at increased risk for it to happen later, too.

Thanks for the advice about the maternity clothes. I think I was just especially bloated last week, as stuff that was feeling tight last week was fine this week. I think I will order at least a few pairs of pants so that I'm ready when the time comes.

Kitten, I have to be honest...I am not a fan of showers for 2nd babies. I wouldn't mind something low key like the diaper and wipes shower Ames suggested. I guess I might feel differently if there was a huge age difference between the 1st and 2nd child. Also, I think it depends on the trends in your area or family. No one I know has had a 2nd shower, and I'd probably opt out if they did! Hope you are not offended by my honesty. Remember, it's just one girl's opinion!

Kini, I have not heard the suggestion about the bracelets. Sounds like a great idea. I may pick some up just in case I need them.

Hope everyone continues to feel good! Cross your fingers that they still see 2 strong heartbeats on Thursday!

ames83 02-10-2011 01:12 PM

Re: September Mommies!
Hi guys. It's been a little bit since I've been on here. Work has been crazy busy. I went for my first u/s on Monday. I'm only 6 weeks instead of 8. Which makes sense because I couldn't remember the date of my LMP and my cycles are sometimes a little longer (35days or so). My due date is Oct 4th but since this will be a c-section I'll still be a September mommy. We did see a heartbeat. It was 110 bmp! I'm so excited. One hurdle down. They will be seeing me every 2 weeks until 12 weeks. If all is well then I'll go to a "normal" schedule. So my next u/s is the 22nd. Hoping the baby GROWS and continues to have a strong heartbeat. I did get lab results today. My pregnancy levels are great but my progesterone is a little on the low side. My doctor wants me on Progesterone supplements just to be safe. So I'll have to do those nightly. On another note... I have a nasty head cold. I decided to take today to rest since I've been battling it all week. Seems like everyone must have it because it was hard to find regular or extra strength Sudafed at CVS. Not much to choose from on my list of "safe" meds to take. Hope everyone else is doing well.

kittenkaboodle 02-10-2011 03:11 PM

Re: September Mommies!
Hello ladies,

How is everyone doing? Ames, like you, I am super crazy busy at work so I haven't had a chance to post much. But I am reading everything you guys write!

Morning sickness has really taken its toll on me. I feel sick almost all day, everyday. Eating carbs helps. The other night, I ate 4 huge cheddar cheese buns for dinner. It made my tummy feel better but I think I'm going to be in maternity clothes a lot sooner than planned if I keep it up! Lol.

Otherwise I've been good. I'm almost 8 weeks along, and I SWEAR I have felt baby flutter/move a little. But isn't it too early for that? Has anyone else felt anything? Maybe it's gas. There's been a lot of that too. Sorry, TMI!

Festivus, any news from your last appointment? It sucks that your insurance won't cover the care with your fertility doctor. Hopefully your GP is good and you like them. I feel so lucky to have free healthcare here in Canada. It's one less stress to worry about. I've heard that having a baby in the US can cost upwards of $20 000 for the prenatal care and delivery... is that true?

Kini, I love the sea bands too! They totally help me from getting sick (although they don't totally keep me from feeling a little nauseated).

I have my first appointment on March 9th (my doctor doesn't really do appointments before the first trimester), and I won't have an u/s until about 20 weeks or so. As long as I am feeling good, and my tests come back good, my doc just lets things run its course.

And thanks for the advice about the baby shower #2. I have to say that I actually agree with either a low-key shower, or none at all. It's just that some girlfriends are bugging me to have one (I think they just like the excuse of getting together and eating cake!!).

I hope you are all doing well, and I promise to write more often!

Hugs to you and your little bubs!


festivus 02-10-2011 04:08 PM

Re: September Mommies!
Hi Ladies!
I am enjoying seeing everyone's updates. Had my first ob appointment last week after leaving my RE and LOVED the doctor. There are about 4 doctors I'll have to rotate through so I'll know them all a little before I deliver, since I won't know who I'll get. U/S looks pretty good. They're both measuring a little small (since I did IVF, I know the EXACT date of conception), but it could all be just a slight measuring error. The heart rates were good (1 in the 140's and 1 in the 150's), so I'm not too worried. And, yes, there are still TWO!

Although my insurance wouldn't pay for me to stay with my RE as long as I'd like, my insurance is pretty good. It paid for EVERYTHING for IVF, which could be $10,000-$15,000 a cycle including all the medications. My pregnancy and delivery won't cost anything close to $20,000. Unfortunately, many in the U.S. don't have such good insurance. I am grateful to be one of the lucky ones.

Kitten, I can't believe you have to wait until 20 weeks for your first u/s. I'd NEVER make it! I go back next week for my 4th ultrasound. The doctor said I'll be in every 2 weeks for now. As I get closer to delivery, I'll go in at least weekly. Because of the twins and my FVL, they'll be monitoring me very carefully.

At this point, I am having a little nausea but not true morning sickness. I feel like I'm just waiting for it to start, as I've heard it's often worse with twins. Hopefully I'm one of the lucky ones that doesn't get m/s at all (fingers crossed, knocking on wood). However, I am just exhausted after work every day. Hoping I get a little of my energy back in the 2nd trimester.

Keep the updates coming, ladies! And I hope everyone continues a H&H 9 months!

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