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ASDGRMama 07-09-2011 10:11 PM

March 2012 Mommies
:wave: Thought I'd start a new thread for those of us due in March 2012 :).

I'm 34 and am due for my 8th child March 9, 2012!

Things seem to be going great so far:) I got a BFP only 9dpo! I'm 5wks+2d and just started having breast tenderness, fatigue, and frequent trips to the potty. No nausea yet but I don't always get ms (thankfully, I've only had it with 3 of my babies).

Overall I'm feeling okay...just really really tired in the evenings.

I haven't announced my pg yet (dh is the only one who knows so far). I waited until 15wks with my last baby and would like to wait as long as possible this time too. It was fun announcing early with my first few pgs but now I enjoy having a "secret"...yet I can't stand keeping it to myself so I'm "announcing" it here :D!

Hope you're all well! Can't wait to hear from you:)!!

Verucalise 09-07-2011 06:51 AM

Re: March 2012 Mommies
Due March 20th, here. It'll be baby #5, crazy! I believe i'm 12w1d right now. I have a daughter with Angelman Syndrome, so they are setting up an appt. to get an amnio right now. I actually don't feel pregnant, weird! I've had the ultrasound for dating, know there's a baby in there... but the biggest complaint I have is big boobs LOL!

I didn't want to tell people about this pregnancy, I know they'd just freak out and ask us if we've lost our minds!!

Good luck on your preggo journey!!

kayleigh dyer 02-22-2012 11:35 AM

Re: March 2012 Mommies
I was a care assistant and I used to look after someone with Angelman's Syndrome and up until now I had never heard of this syndrome before. I did my research on this before caring for Tony and I found out that this is also called 'Happy Puppet Syndrome'. I was really upset when I read this, but after working with him I changed my mind. He was a lovely man, always smiling and he had the most beautiful blue eyes. It was the epilepsy that was the most upsetting. I wish you well.

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