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Re: Roller Coaster, Hospice and more

I saw mom yesterday and the Dr. was there. He was AMAZED that she was so alert and babbling (she really doesn't talk all that much) considering the IV was removed on Friday. I gave her some water ... about 3 drops on a spoon and she liked that .. also they had thickened ice tea and she liked that too. The nurse last night said she would try to feed her a little bit at a time - she ate SOME but not more than 1 teaspoon - but heck, better than nothing. I am calling Hospice today to see if they can maybe get her to eat anything. They were unable to yesterday. I bought some pudding this AM and will bring it to her tonight and see if she wants that. It just seems that she is uncooperative with the staff and only responds to me ... I wish I could take time off from work but cannot financially. Anyway ... the dumbass guardian called me at the NH 2x's yesterday ... at 5:10 pm he needed MY permission to pay for the burial contract ... I told him... not for nothing BUT you should have called me DURING THE DAY and asked for this .. not after business hours and when the Damn courts are closed ... Unreal .. I am so hoping I can get rid of him this week. I will write more later. Hugs to all on this board.