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Unhappy Very sore!!!


before anyone tells me to see my dentist after reading dentist is on a month trip to the hurricane areas of the south and because of that, another nearby dentist has agreed to see her patients, but only as an emergency basis. no cleanings or routine things, just emergencies. however, because he's got his own patients and hers now....basically, even with emergencies its a first come, first serve thing.

i did call the temp dentist, but was told, that because i am able to function and not have my life restricted, then, i wouldn't be able to come in to see him till November 10th. however, if something changes and he has an opening before then, he'll see me. the man doesn't know me, so i know im not his priority.

my upper left wisdom tooth is broken at the gumline. i ate something a couple of years ago and it broke the tooth and then the tooth slowly broke off. the root is still in my mouth, the tooth is nothing but a black piece of jagged edges.

it bothers me once in a blue moon if i accidently eat on that side of the mouth, however, tylenol or motrin works and within an hour or so, it's fine and i'm good to go till again, i accidently eat on that side of the mouth. i can go weeks or months with no pain. however, on sunday, i ate on that side of the mouth and since sunday evening, i have been experiencing pain.

it hurts at times to close my mouth because my teeth hitting my bottom teeth hurts a bit, i can't sleep on that side of the mouth, because it hurts to touch it. it was to the point where i took Vicodin this morning, since i was off from work today because i kept tossing and turning all night, and even with the vicodin, it's still sore. i can tell when the pain meds are wearing off, because the pain comes back.

the dentist said, since i am able to eat, work, talk, yadda yadda, then it won't hurt to wait a couple more weeks. basically, he said, if i waited a few years with it being this way, i can wait 2 more weeks. however, this is the worst its been.

how long does it take for a tooth that is full of pain to stop being painful? i was told by a friend, that after awhile, a 'live' tooth will die if not treated. is this true? at this point, i know it'll need to be surgrically removed, but even more normal dentist never saw much concern, because the tooth never gave me too much problems till this week.

what can i do to help the pain? i can function, i can live, my other side of my mouth is fine. what is killing me more than the toothache is my ear is soooo sore, it hurts. i just want to stop the pain, at least for 2 more weeks till i can go in and see what can be done.

any suggestions (other than seeing my dentist asap) will be great. i miss my dentist already. at least with her, no matter what, she would squeeze you in.

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