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Re: Breech birth and hip dysplasia

Sickofit: Thank you so much for telling me what happened to you. It makes me feel a lot better. I don't mind having the c-section, but I am very concerned about the hip dysplasia. It really scares me that my child could have to go through something like that. I know there are worse things, but what parent wants their children to go through anything like that.

Was your boy frank breech? Apparently presenting with the buttocks first is at higher risk for this condition. I have also read on the internet that it is usually many factors that contribute to this problem: inheritance, the child being first born, the child being a girl, and breech presentation. My baby is a boy, first born and breech, as far as I know there is no genetic history of this problem. I think his chances are slim, but the point is they are still there, so it worries me.